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Jordan Travel Guide

Jordan Tour: See Petra

With a wide range of environmentally and socially-focused travel offerings, holy sites and thousands of years worth of archeology to explore, Jordan is a top travel destination for Social Impact Travellers.

For centuries, traders and explorers have been drawn to Jordan’s most attractive destination, Petra, built thousands of years ago by the Nabateans. These industrious Arab nomads carved this red city out of sandstone mountains. But, over time, the city was conquered, abandoned, destroyed by an earthquake – and forgotten. Although it was always known to locals, it was rediscovered and shared with the Western world some 200 years ago.

It’s a wonder to see. The sandstone mountains are enormous and it’s awe-inspiring to see the level of detail and engineering genius that went into building the city. Jordan does a wonderful job of providing maps and information to help you get around, but it’s always helpful to have a local guide to help you really

understand the enormity of what you are seeing. Many of us only spend a day in Petra, but avid hikers could spend days re-entering this national gem and exploring the many trails and paths. The Monastery is one of the pinnacles for hikers, a massive monument atop a stone mountain where you can sit and enjoy a pomegranate juice at the monument entrance, or venture even further for a bird’s-eye view.

Incredibly, it is believed that only 80 per cent of Petra has been unearthed to date. While excavations were once ongoing, work was halted during years of political instability in the Middle East which stopped tourists from visiting and dried up resources for further excavations.

Petra is indeed incredible and worth the journey to Jordan. But it is not the only reason to explore Jordan. Far too many people see this country by adding a few days onto larger itineraries in Israel and Egypt, but this would be a big miss.

Custom Jordan Tour

Here’s what you can expect on our tour:

  1. Experience the healing waters of the Dead Sea
  2. Spend a full day in Petra with a local guide
  3. Spend time at an ecolodge
  4. Learn about Bedouin culture
  5. Hike in the Dana Biosphere Reserve
  6. Meet the women of a local artisan co-op and enjoy a specially prepared meal

Our exclusive custom Jordan tour for travellers looking to experience all of Jordan’s highlights – and more.

Is Jordan Safe?

One of the top questions people have about Jordan is whether it is safe. While there are always risks travelling in any country, when you choose a trusted tour operator, you will feel safe and secure. Prior to the Arab Spring conflict and uprisings in the Middle East, tourism was the country's main industry. However, civil unrest in the region had an enormous impact on Jordan, and the number of travellers dropped dramatically. Jordan has shown compassion, opening its borders to an influx of refugees from various countries, including Lebanon and Syria. Throughout even the most turbulent years of the Arab Spring, Jordan has remained a peaceful, stable country.


Desert Eco Lodge Stay

Tucked into the desert mountains, the Feynan Eco Lodge has racked up a series of international awards, including being named among National Geographic Traveler’s Top 25 Eco Lodges in the world.

An eco lodge provides facilities and accommodation to travellers that have the least possible negative impact on the environment in which it is situated. The Feynan Eco lodge accomplishes this through its use of solar panels to provide energy, a vegetarian meal plan with a food waste composting system, and the use of a traditional water filtration system that saves the equivalent of 15K plastic water bottles per year. Working with the local Bedouin community is also a pillar of excellence for the Feynan Eco lodge.

Created by Jordan’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, the lodge is hailed by environmentalists for its commitment to sustainability and ecotourism. The lodge is located in the Dana Biosphere Reserve, formerly a valley dedicated to copper-mining.

The Dana Biosphere covers 320 square kilometres of mountains and valleys, making it the largest natural reserve. From hot sand dunes to cold mountain tops to tropical-like forests, the reserve is home to 700 different plant species, 190 bird species, 37 mammal species and 36 reptile species. According to Wild Jordan, 25 of the 963 different species in the area are endangered.

True to its commitment to the environment, there is no electricity. With only limited solar power, the lodge is lit by candles at night; approximately 4,000 candles handcrafted on-site by local women are burned here every month. Currently, Feynan is also building a water treatment area on site to recycle waste water from the lodge into energy. The Feynan Eco lodge is the first hotel in the region to get rid of single-use plastic bottles, as well as introduce a wastewater treatment system to create biogas for cooking and water irrigation.

Learn more about our custom adventure at the eco lodge

Bedouin Lifestyle

Following generations of a nomadic lifestyle, local Bedouin people continue to live in tents along the wadi (a dry valley that can flood in the rain season). A traditional culture of animal herders, Bedouin settled in the area of the ecolodge in the 20th century, mostly abandoning their nomadic lifestyle. They still move twice annually to relocate further in the mountains for cooler temperatures and out of the mountains closer to the wadi in the summer.

Bedouin are known for their hospitality which they extend to visitors of the lodge by inviting guests to learn how to make Arabic coffee or bake bread in the earth. Feynan EcolodgeFeynan Ecolodge Adventure staff are made up entirely of Bedouins.

The eco-lodge provides work to locals, reaching approximately 400 people, as well as helping local entrepreneurs with microbusinesses by providing employment and financial opportunities. This includes the locally-made candles that are the main lighting source for the lodge. In addition to this, 80 per cent of the food and supplies for the ecolodge is purchased within a 40km radius of Feynan Ecolodge, stimulating the local economy while building up the community

Desert Hiking

Perhaps the best part about Feynan Ecolodge and the Dana Biosphere Reserve is the hiking. There are incredible hikes through rocky desert terrain, along sandy cliffs, through the wadi, passing a surprising amount of greenery and Bedouin tented homes. Feynan offers locally guided hikes and sunset walks, but they are easy enough to do solo. It’s definitely the place to go to unplug.


Why we love Feynan Ecolodge

This ecolodge is serious about its five ethos:

1. Unique and authentic guest experiences

2. Contribution to conservation

3. Local community benefit

4. Minimal environmental impact

5. Provide education and interpretation to guests, staff and community

More Reasons to Visit Jordan

From the Dead Sea to Amman, there’s so much to see.

In Amman, visit the Citadel, located 132 metres above the level of the city centre. Stop for a snack or load up on locally-made souvenirs at the Wild Jordan Centre. Here you will be treated to more incredible views of the white-washed buildings of Amman.

Check out our Amman Travel Guide for more tips and recommendations.

North of  Amman is Jerash, known as the city of a 1,000 Pillars. It’s an interesting site to explore with a local guide who can further explain the significance of this site of Roman ruins. You can nearly imagine the streets packed with merchants and the bustle of shoppers passing by.

In Mount Nebo, you’ll stand where Moses is said to have looked across to the promise land, and visit the Byzatine Church with its ancient mosaics.

It’s a dream-come-true for many of us to dip our toe in the Dead Sea. There are a series of high-end hotels to choose from on the Dead Sea. Of course, you’ll want to lather up in therapeutic mud and get in the water – it’s quite fun to realize that you can’t actually sink in the Dead Sea (actually, it’s the total opposite). The high level of salt in the Dead Sea (almost 10 times more than in an ocean) makes the water so dense, it is nearly impossible to stand, let alone swim.

Ready to go?

We can work with you to plan this ultimate adventure. In partnership with reputable tour operators in Jordan, we make sure you get the most out of your vacation – and you’ll feel good knowing your travel dollars are supporting community initiatives. Feel confident knowing you are getting expert advice in booking the journey that is right for you.

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