Social Impact Traveller Journeys: Egypt Tour

Egypt Tour

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Bucket-list Adventure

Our exclusive custom Egypt tour is for travellers looking to experience all of Egypt’s highlights – and more. For many of us, travelling to Egypt is a once-in-a-lifetime experience inspired by the Pyramids. But, you will see, there is so much more to discover in Egypt.

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 Custom Egypt Tour Highlights

  • See the Pyramids and King Tut’s treasures

  • Choose to stay off-the-beaten-path in an eco lodge

  • Explore Cairo

  • Shop at one of the world’s oldest bazaars

  • Discover the Valley of the Kings

  • Stay in a Nubian eco lodge on an ancient site in Aswan

Explore the Pyramids of Giza

Local Egypt Tour

It’s important when travelling to support the local economy – that helps keep tourism viable in the destination. That’s why we only work with a trusted, reputable tour company in Egypt to help ensure our tourism dollars stay local.

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Supporting Local Enterprise

When travellers visit Egypt, there are some must-sees: the Pyramids, the Sphinx, King Tut’s treasures in the Egypt Museum, and the Valley of Kings. But we aim to show you other parts of Egypt, to get a taste of local flavours and shop at social enterprises. We also have options to visit Nubian villages, stay at an eco lodge, and experience local walking tours.

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Custom Jordan Tour, Visiting a Women's Artisan Co-op

Ready to go?

Let us plan this Egypt Tour for you. In partnership with reputable tour operators, our custom itinerary makes sure you get the most out of your vacation – and you’ll feel good knowing your travel dollars are supporting community initiatives.

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