Located on The Nile overlooking an ancient temple, Eco Nubia is an ecolodge in Egypt – the first of its kind in Aswan with a focus on preserving ancient Nubian history and culture.

On an upcoming Social Impact Traveller trip to Egypt, I have the good fortune to stay at the Eco Nubia ecolodge in Egypt. After visiting the Feynan Ecolodge in Jordan, I’m hooked on this kind of travel. I love the rustic simplicity of it. And of being pushed outside my comfort zone to learn about other cultures and traditions, and recognizing that it is not always what I am accustomed to or familiar with.

Furthermore, with so many hotel options, I’m keen to try something new and I want to spend my travel dollars in places that are trying to protect the environment. What I love about these kinds of ecolodges too is that they are not just about environmental sustainability, but they focus on sustaining culture, history, traditions, and at the same time creating opportunities for communities.

About the Ecolodge

Traditional Nubian cuisine served at this ecolodge in Egypt

Traditional Nubian cuisine served at this ecolodge in Egypt

I’m not entirely sure what to expect of Eco Nubia, but I’m really excited to find out. Just the idea of tasting Nubian cuisine while overlooking Philae Temple had me from the get-go. It’s also a chance to experience some of Egypt’s nature. I’m really looking forward to kayaking on The Nile around Philae Temple, and hopefully birdwatching and hiking. I’m also tempted to try a few hours of fishing on the Nile!

As part of our Social Impact Traveller custom Egypt tour, we’ve added in two nights stay at Eco Nubia. It’s a way to get off the beaten track and explore something new – and it definitely fits the criteria for a Social Impact Traveller trip.


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Eco Nubia

Eco Nubia project is located on Bigeh Island, which is considered as an archaeological site situated along the Nile River in historic Nubia, and within the Aswan Governorate of southern Egypt. The island has been situated in the reservoir of the Old Aswan Dam, since the dam’s initial completion in 1902. Eco Nubia is a new ecolodge in Egypt aiming to promote the eco-friendly lodging with authentic Nubian food and beverages, and unique beach area directly on the Nile surrounded by the amazing nature of the island.

Bigeh World Heritage site

Bigeh is a World Heritage site, located near Philae and Agilkia Islands and their ancient archaeological sites in the reservoir. Bigeh belonged to the “islands of the Osiris graves “and was considered in ancient Egyptian mythology as a primeval mound of creation. Osiris acted in this context as the patron of the ancestors, in order not to disturb the “rest of creation” by making music, hunting or fishing, every non-priest person was forbidden to enter an Osiris grave island. Our aim is to give Bigeh back some of its lost glory, by raising knowledge and increasing visits to this sacred island.

The lodge has a stunning view of Philae Temple. Read more on this blog about the Temple of Philae.

Eco Nubia is the first ecolodge in Egypt’s Aswan

The lodge aims to add the island to the Egyptian tourism map, and introduce this unique type of tourism in the whole area around it, with all related services such as: lodging in Nubian houses, revive authentic Nubian food recipes and drinks, and provide a community center for local and visitors’ events, as well as preserve Nubian handicrafts.

About lodging

There is a fully equipped private bathroom with bath or shower and free toiletries. Eco Nubia conveniently has both a private beach area and a terrace. Guests at the lodge can enjoy a à la carte breakfast.

Solaih Nubian Restaurant at Eco Nubia serves traditional Nubian cuisine, reviving recipes that have started to disappear in recent years.

Optional activities include: hiking, fishing, kayaking, birdwatching by kayak, walking tours, and Lake Nasser tour.

Within 10 kms of the Ecolodge is: the Nubian Museum, Kitchener’s Island, Temple of Philae, Aswan High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk, Aga Khan Museum, Tombs of Nobles.

Kayaking around temples

Kayaking around temples

Are you ready?

Is staying at a traditional ecolodge in Egypt right for you?

  • Are you comfortable with basic/no frills accomodations for a few nights?
  • Are you open to trying new food to get a taste of Nubian culture?
  • Are you interested in nature activities, ie hiking, kayaking, boating, fishing?
  • Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint while you are travelling?
  • Do you want to learn more about a traditional way of life and stay on ancient lands?
  • Are you comfortable going off the grid with no wi-fi?


Guest room in Eco Nubia

Eco Nubia guestroom, mud walls


If you said yes to these questions, then an ecolodge will be a good fit for you.


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